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Diplomatic Srl was founded in 1996 as a dedicated funeral company on-hand to assist and support the grieving family at every stage of their funeral preparations.

We deal with both the bureaucratic and burial or cremation practices and oversee the complete organisation of the ceremony, including funeral advice, newspaper obituaries and announcements, religious rites and transport of the deceased, both across local territory and internationally.

Diplomatic Srl operates from its headquarters in Lecce and Salice Salentino, is open  24 hour's a day and offers maximum availability to families, assisting them with courtesy and discretion, to create the perfect funeral service for their loved one down to the last detail.

Funeral Services

composizione salme, vestizione salme, organizzazione funerali, cerimonie funebri

The experience we have gained over so many dedicated years in the funeral sector has enabled Diplomatic Srl to expand its services and increase its quality of service, which is characterised by a combination of professionalism and humanity, characteristics necessary to carry out the challenging task of supporting those managing the loss of a loved one.

The services provided by Diplomatic Agency Srl, in Bergamo and De Gennaro are based on four fundamental points:

  • Competence
  • Courtesy
  • Punctuality
  • Confidentiality

Diplomatic Srl also offers an ambulance service - Croce Verde ®, based in Lecce, at piazza Rudiae, n.10.

Visit our Ambulance service page.

  • Floral decorations, flowers and pillow covers
  • Funerals
  • Legal and tax assistance
  • Funeral car for the transport of the deceased
  • Cremation services
  • Composition and dressing of the deceased
  • Organising all necessary paperwork
  • Liaising with cemeteries and crematoriums
  • Cemetery funerals
  • Knowledge of all cemetery practises
  • Newspaper announcements
  • Printing posters and notices
  • National and international transport
  • Enormous assortment of coffins and urns
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